Specializes In Tissue Culture With Almost 20 Years Of Experience

With being expertise in Customer Propagation and Exclusive Contract Propagation, today our range of products and services covered orchids, foliage, floriculture, and variegated plants. Our products have gained appreciation across the globe for their high quality and effectiveness.

PTS specializes in tissue culture multiplication of Phalaenopsis. With almost 20 years of experience, knowledge, and passion today, we produce annually over 10 million high-quality plants for our clients. 

Planning sensibly and plant stock stability results in an extensive offer of over a thousand varieties of wide-range tissue culture plants. The diverse product portfolio allows us to be very flexible retail to client needs and current market dynamics. Over 90% of our production is sold to Holland, the USA, Germany, China, and Japan.

About us

Mr.Jirote Paitoon founded the family business “Paitoon Saplee Co., Ltd” back in 1990. We are also be known as PTS. At first, we specialize in frozen soft-shell crabs, for both manufacturing and exporting.


Among the orchid species, Phalaenopsis is a popular cut flower. This orchid’s improvement/multiplication is complicated and necessitates a high level of expertise and understanding.


Tissue culture is the growth of tissues cells separate from the organism. This typically uses liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth medium, such as broth or agar.

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