Our Story

Mr. Jirote Paitoon founded the family business “Paitoon Saplee Co., Ltd” back in 1990. People also refer to us as PTS. At first, we specialize in frozen soft-shell crabs, for both manufacturing and exporting. PTS expanded further in 2002 when it entered the laboratory and services in the tissue culture business. Today PTS is currently operating in parallel business lines together.

The expansion led to PTS building facilities in two main locations, a primary tissue culture laboratory and the R&D section in Bangkok then the second tissue culture laboratory along with a greenhouse facility in Chumphon.

These facilities, combined with the most recent technical information and equipment, enable us to perform effectively and efficiently so that allowing our clients to maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. 

Long-term loyalty and commitment are critical in today’s competitive markets, as our experience has shown. We strive to build strong mutual trust while conducting each client’s business with confidentiality and technical excellence.

Soft-shell crab, also known as just soft-shell, is a seafood delicacy that can be eaten in its entirety. The species used for soft-shell varies by region. In Asia, the mangrove carb is widely used. 

Because these crabs’ shells cannot expand as they grow larger, they began to molt the exteriors and have a soft covering for a few days when they are vulnerable and then considered usable. When crabs begin to molt, they will be put aside until the molting process is complete and sent to market as soft-shell.

PTS produces soft-shell crabs naturally and carefully frozen to maintain their taste and freshness in order to meet the high expectations of its customers. Our manufacturing process and facilities have met the requirements of proper design, monitoring, and control and that is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. PTS production system has been HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified by the Department of Fisheries (Thailand) to ensure product quality.