It is commonly known that tissue culture is the growth of tissue cells separate from the organism. This usually involves the use of a liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth media, such as broth or agar.

Temporary Immersion Gravity Flask Bioreactor 

The TIG Flask Bioreactor was named under PTS’s invention and it is patented. By using the idea of the Temporary Immersion System (TIS), PTS has invented the bioreactor with double reversed flasks. These two flasks are connected by a stainless tube within the inner space. When the low-pressure air injecting through the inlet, the medium will be pumped up to the culture above. Meanwhile, the medium sinks to the bottom when the air pressure is released by gravity. TIG is a ready-to-use standard system for large-scale plant micropropagation.

The Benefits of TIG Technology

  • Periodic Medium Immersion
  • Higher multiplication rates
  • Improved plant quantity 
  • Use of liquid medium lower agar costs
  • Reduced manipulations and labor
  • Reduced space
  • Decontamination with air filtration (0.2 µm) 
  • The exchange of gases

Cultivating different plant species 

The TIG bioreactor has been used to successfully cultivate many different plant species, such as orchid, garlic, ginger, pineapple, banana, sugarcane, coffee, Konjac, and bat flower (tobacco).

With its adequate culture volume, optimal light entry, complete drainage, and improved ventilation, the TIG bioreactor is an ideal system to avoid vitrification problems and increase plant quality.