Biotechnology Laboratory

Every year more than 10 million plants are produced from our PTS laboratories using a process called plant tissue culture propagation. This method is also known by the names of meristem culture, micropropagation, or cloning. Plant tissue culture is designed in a way to reproduce a large number of identical copies of a plant. The method is a very efficient way of plant propagation.

Our tissue culture laboratories cover an area of 5,000 m², 1,500 m² of clean space. 80% of rooting stage, air condition, natural light for plant to adapt to clients’ GH condition. A hundred laminar flow hoods, medium preparation rooms, storerooms, office block, washing rooms, plant culture growth rooms, and inoculation rooms are included. Aseptic conditions are maintained throughout the entire laboratory where all operators handle every tissue culture plant with care under rigidly hygienic conditions.

We are confident that our business is sustainable due to our constant focus on product quality. By high-quality products, we understand the virus and bacteria-free plants of homogenous characteristics. Another key to succession is having sustain communication with our clients and provide timely updates on production reports.